An Ideal Morning

I love summer mornings when I wake up naturally early to birds chirping and a warm breeze in my room. I took advantage of the early morning. I read a little more of Hamlet, which, by the way, I’m falling in love with all over again. By 6:15, I was ready to move. I drank a big glass of water and ate a banana before embarking on a run. I logged 7 miles at a 7:30ish overall pace (alternating between 8 minute miles and 6:45 miles), and then came back home to make a leisurely breakfast in the quiet sunshiny day. I was thirsty when I got home, and even after a few glasses of ice water, I wanted something more replenishing. I drank some coconut water and then got working on breakfast.

Usually, I throw my breakfast together really quickly before work. Today, I just dawdled. I made a big pot of coffee, did some laundry, read, and enjoyed my eggs and arugula outside.

The few hours I sat outside passed slowly and peacefully. Hot coffee became iced coffee…

a quiet street became a bustling one, warm became HOT as blazes, and it was time for me to get ready for the day. What an ideal morning.

What’s your ideal way to start the day?

Lunch and Dinner 6.7

Yep, there are no surprises here folks; the title says it all.

Since I normally run before I eat breakfast, I wasn’t too hungry this morning and ended up dumping at least half my pudding. Oops. By 10:30, though, after a 4 mile (at 7:45) run, I was hungry, and I looked on the Crossfit website and saw I was in for a doozie of a workout. I needed a snack.

The snack was a necessity given the intense humidity, lunchtime class, and heinous workout ahead of me. First we ran 800 meters (1/2 mile) and then did a 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 workout consisting of deadlifts (145 pounds for me) and toes to bar, with each set followed by a rope climb (I did a partial rope climb). Once we finished the sequence, we ran another 800 meters. I finished in 22:21 and was a sweaty, achy torn up beast.

My hands were the least of my problems. I think I tore a muscle in my arm, actually.

By 1:30, I was more than ready for lunch and cooked myself up two fatty bacon slices to put on top of peppery arugula.

I wiled away the early afternoon reading “Hamlet” (I finished “Burial at Thebes” this morning).

I snacked on some of these…


And then…around 4 o’clock when I couldn’t stand the heat any longer, I decided to go see this movie. I LOVED IT. Much to Jared’s chagrin, I’m obsessed with anything babies, and I loved, loved the movies. I cried like a hormonal pregnant lady, even though I most certainly am not pregnant. Speaking of Jared, I keep expecting him to call, but then I remember, “Oh yea, he’s in the woods, like deep in the woods, Deliverance in the woods, and I won’t see him until July.” And then I get teary again and console myself by eating some of this:

Best. Thing. Ever.

And then I read some more of my Shakespearean tragedy and make myself some dinner, all of which happens to be orange.

Alexia sweet potato nuggets, you rock.

And now, I’m ready to do a couple more hours of reading this evening. Life is really exciting right now.  Can I just say, I love that diffuse light that comes between 5-7 during summertime. I love staying at Jim and Julia’s and having access to a backyard. I love having dogs run in and out of the house.


Breakfast 6.7

It’s supposed to rain later today, but I’m enjoying the quiet, calm morning before it does. Rather than get up super early to go for a run, I decided to just enjoy the morning. I only have about 10 more days of official summer before grad school starts, so I’m trying to enjoy my time. I’m starting off today with my new favorite breakfast: coconut milk kefir chia pudding.

I know the picture isn’t that beautiful, but believe you me, this stuff is dee-licious.

For one serving:

  • 3/4 cup of unsweetened coconut milk kefir
  • 1 heaping spoonful of chia seeds
  • 1 heaping spoonful of flax or other seed (I used Garden of Life Fiber)
  • 1 banana
  • nut nutter (I used Justin’s chocolate almond butter)

Mix the first three ingredients together, and then wait about 5 minutes for the pudding to thicken. Top with a sliced banana and some nut butter.

marshmallow-y, pudding-y goodness

I’ve got a big to do list today. After breakfast I plan on:

  • finishing Tennessee Williams’s “The  Glass Menagerie”
  • running 4 miles
  • attending Crossfit at 11:30
  • reading “The Burial at Thebes” and “Hamlet”
  • doing some laundry

I’m ambitious about my time today. I’ve got a pile of reading for grad school, and the only way for me to get through it is to PLOW through it.

Enjoy your morning!



Things I Love About Dating a Hippie

There exist many perks to dating a hippie, perks like delicious homemade kombucha and lettuce grown in window boxes and the fact that I feel a certain amount of smugness that by dating a hippie I’m doing my part for the environment. Wrap your mind around that one. Not only do I recycle, I love a hippie!*

One of things I do not love about dating a hippie is this:

a nefarious hippie thing

What is that you ask? Oh, it’s Jared’s mushroom base, which is some combination of sawdust and other things off a which mushrooms grow. I shrieked when I saw it. It had been hiding creepily in our bottom cabinet for some months now every since Jared finished off the last of the mushrooms** before leaving for Steamboat. When I saw Jared place it next to our box of china, I shrieked some more.

excuse the warts.

“Eww. You are NOT packing that, ” I spat at him. Jared calmly informed me that yes, yes he was going to pack it so that he could continue to grow “delicious” mushrooms all year in Steamboat.  I shrieked some more. Jared smiled and said, “You didn’t think the shitake mushrooms you ate were so gross. In fact, as I recall, you took seconds.” I spewed back, “You are simply flagitious, a vile, wicked, horrible man!” We faced off.

Needless to say, the mushroom is packed cozily next to teacups.




**the edible not psychedelic kind, by the way.

Al fresco

Ah, summer, how I love thee. Why can’t you stay all year long? As I sit typing this post, I’m outside, sipping a cup of coffee with my Merchant of Venice, highlighter, pens, icy water, and grass, grass, grass surrounding me. Is there anything better than reading a good book in the sunshine? I’m so enjoying this brief interlude before I move to Santa Fe for graduate school for the summer. The past two weeks have been a whirlwind: J.O. and I moved all of our stuff up to Steamboat….

Hot dog, I’m glad to be out of my basement apartment!

Packing makes me a happy princess.

I finished out the school year, celebrated my 28th!, and sent J.O. off for a month-long NOLS trip in Wyoming. I won’t talk to him until June 28th – his birthday – and I’m sad already! On the positive side, though, I’ve been enjoying my time, running, reading, Crossfitting, eating at home, sitting outside, dog walking, people watching, sipping icy water, drifting off to sleep with the windows open. I’ve got a HUGE to-do list over the next 10 days, but for now, I’m enjoying the ride.

Last night, I enjoyed a 5 mile run and then a hard Crossfit WOD of 4 rounds of 40 sit-ups, 30 kettle bell swings (with a 35 pounder!), 20 box jumps, and 10 hand stand push-ups (which I modified to kick-to-handstands – I hate inversions!). I finished in a hard-one 21:47 seconds.  I came home and fixed myself a really fatty, delicious, fresh meal. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m working on transitioning to a primal lifestyle. However, the past two weeks of graduation parties, birthdays, and moving haven’t quite been conducive to  rigid diet restrictions. While I did a great job of eating primal when I could, it wasn’t a perfect two weeks. I love the fact that I am no longer beholden to school lunches or school schedules…at least for next two weeks:) In that vein, I’ve been working to include lots of fats to my diet (and let’s be serious, this isn’t work for me!) to increase satiety and decrease my desire to consume copious amounts of ice cream, as I’m wont to do in the summer. I fixed myself a big salad with peppery arugula and watery romaine, a big juicy tomato – one that actually TASTES like a tomato, not like some weird smushy sponge like winter tomatoes do – a stalk of celery, snap peas, carrots, a small avocado, a fried egg, and a strip of bacon. It was delicious!

The doggies were jealous. 

I love dogs. Living with three for the past week has been both blissful and painful for me.

Off to do some reading! Enjoy the sunshine, wherever you are.


Why hello, Blog. It’s been a while.

Wow. It has been a looong time. Between running a marathon (now that deserves a post!), finishing out the school year (my 8th graders graduated yesterday), packing up my house (I move in a week!), and prepping for graduate school (I have 20 books to read in the new 2 weeks), I’ve been a busy girl. So, as you can imagine, the blog has taken a backseat, but I’m recommitting myself now that summer is officially here….though I won’t really feel relief until the moving van is packed up, my faculty meetings are over, and I’ve begun my summer reading. With that said, I’m planning on documenting my eats over the next couple of weeks as I transition into a fully primal diet.  Now that the weather is warmer and now that marathon training is done, my desire for carbs, carbs, and more carbs has been replaced by a longing for the fresh produce of the season. Indeed, I’ve finally, after 3 years, kicked my oatmeal “habit,” if, that is, you consider eating whole grains a “habit” that needs to be kicked. I figure now is the perfect time to fully commit myself to the primal diet. With that commitment in mind, I’ve decided to document as much of my eats in the next months as I can, starting NOW on my first day of “summer vacation”. I plan on tracking my progress in Crossfit, running, and on the scale to see the impacts of the primal diet. All I know is this: I feel much more energized and healthy when I don’t eat carbs or lots of sugar, and a happy stomach is a happy Sarah!

Here’s my day in workouts and food: I woke up at 6:00 (a veritable sleep in for me!) and ran 6 miles at an easy 8 minute pace. By the time I got home, I was STARVING and fixed myself breakfast pudding, consisting of 1 cup of plain kefir, chia seeds and flax, and Justin’s chocolate almond butter. With that, I fueled up on coffee with half and half, as I had 2 faculty meetings to attend. Le sigh.

Justin’s almond butter, a local company for me, is insanely good. I didn’t think anything could top peanut butter until I tried Justin’s. I used 1 tablespoon here.

After attending several faculty meetings, cleaning my classroom, and shopping for graduation gifts, I was absolutely famished by the time 1 o’clock rolled around. I snacked on a pack of Justin’s almond butter as I ran errands…

and then I fixed myself a lunch of strawberries, a grapefruit, and a couple of slices of turkey.

For whatever reason – maybe the heat – the turkey didn’t appeal to me, and I swapped it for the last tiiinnny slice of paleo banana almond bread.

After lunch, I worked for a couple hours on packing up my house, and by 3 o’clock, I was more than ready for a snack. A few raw coconut macaroons (no sugar!) hit the spot.

I had to include this awkward selfy, which was supposed to say, “Man! I love eating outside! I love summer vacation!” but instead says, “I am stressed out even despite the sunshine. I look constipated.” Oh well. I ended up dragging myself to an afternoon Crossfit session, where I had to complete 5 rounds of a 400 meter run, 10 125 pound deadlifts, and 10 wall balls with 14 pound balls. The workout kicked my butt. I finished in 16:32, and I loved and loathed every minute of it. Since I knew I had hours of packing ahead of me, I stopped at Chipotle to pick up dinner: a pork salad with veggies, lettuce, pico de gallo, and guacamole. It, and the class of wine, HIT THE SPOT.

Now, I plan on spending the next few hours packing for my trip to Steamboat this weekend, as well as cleaning the apartment so that it can be shown this weekend to potential renters. Happy SUMMER!

A Crisp for You

What is more wonderful than a delicate strawberry, a drizzle of balsamic, and chopped basil? A balsamic, lemon, basil strawberry crisp.

Sunday evening, after having spent hours – 10 – grading, I was ready for a break, and Jared was craving dessert. Inspired by a recipe in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, I decided to combine sweet and savory for this recipe. Twas divine. However, I didn’t take a single measurement, so if you want to recreate this at home, I might suggest following a regular crisp recipe as a guide.


  •  Raspberries, strawberries, blackberries
  • The juice of two lemons
  • A handful of basil, chopped
  • A few tablespoons (or thereabouts) of balsamic vinegar
  • A few teaspoons of sugar

For the topping:

  • About a cup of oatmeal
  • 1 stick of butter
  • a few tablespoons oat flour
  • brown sugar

Since I’m trying to eliminate sugar from my diet, I had only the most miniscule of bites. However, I can assure you, from Jared’s reaction, I know this is a good dessert.